I used to skip classes near the high-water bed of the river behind my house. It was like an adventure described in books. Walking in the places you had never been to before. Those first sharp, piercing impressions, you all by yourself, you are a discoverer. After I finished school, I moved to another city. And only came back to the same place 9 years later. I sensed the flow of time, a gap between the present and the past. They came into contact, and the past became tangible.
Being in this place, I am looking at the emptiness between me and high-rise buildings, my silent childhood companions. Here I create interventions in the landscape basing on local residents’ (and my) memories of what have happened in the bed of the river. The memories are insignificant, usually fading away and disappearing together with their bearers. Thus I am extracting something personal from each of them and connecting it in a public space. During the play in that room, free from the pressure of city norms and big historical and modern narratives, liberation happens andspace for art is revealed.


© 2014 Anton Vinogradov,  all rights reserved.

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